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If you are internet user then it is very common that you have to deal with numbers of emails on daily basis. The use of email is widely increasing at personal as well as professional level. Everyone knows that Email got its name from electronic mail. It is message or mail transferred digitally. Earlier, fax was also known as electronic mail as it is also transferred from one place to another digitally. Because of the confusion, it is very hard to know when exactly email was introduced. But it is believed that the use of email started in the 60s. In the beginning, emails were simple plain text that evolved with the passage of time.

when email services was very new to the people that time there was no online storage available for the email messages and both, sender and receiver had to be online at the time of sending of email. But as you know These days there are numbers of email service providers available that are offering different online storage spaces. You can get an online storage from 1 GB to hundreds of GB’s. There are many third party email clients available in the market that are being used in different organizations. If you want to store the emails on your computers for offline uses, you have to configure the third party clients on the computers.

Let’s have look on few Common Features of Email Services:

There are many websites available in the online market these days that are offering different features. You can select a most suitable service provider according to your requirements. Some of the most common features being offered by email services providers are:

  • Online storage space varies from hundreds of MBs to hundreds of GB.
  • Sending multiple important files as attachments at the single time.
  • Spam filtration for junk and unwanted emails.
  • Virus scanning of attached files to ensure the security of users.
  • Using more secure and latest web and email protocols to keep email users protected against phishing and hacking threats.
  • Higher levels of encryption.
  • Email access through web and third party clients.
  • Some of the service providers are offering their apps to make it more convenient to access emails through tabs and mobiles.
  • Sending SMS or text messages from your inbox.
  • Socializing features.
  • Video calling.
  • Customer support.

What type Common Technical Problems you can face with Email Services:

When you are using technical services, you cannot dodge problems. All email services users have to face different technical problem on various occasions. Some of the most common problems experienced by users are:

  • Non–responding email service
  • Problems with sending and receiving of emails
  • Missing emails
  • Missing contacts
  • Third party client problems
  • Attachment option is not working properly
  • POP3 and IMAP configuration problem
  • Lost password
  • Account blocked
  • Compromised account

Obtaining Help from Your Service Provider:

If you are having any problem with your email services, you can get a help from your service provider. There are billions of email users who have to use email services on daily basis. Such a huge load can cause troubles at service provider’s end or with user’s network or machine. It is very hard for the service providers to answer every single call and guide them through properly. That is why all of the popular and reliable service providers are featuring a dedicated section to help its users. Before contacting your service provider, you should have a look at their help center page. You can easily find solution to most of the common problems at these pages.

If the solution you are looking for is not featured on the help pages, you contact the company through email, live chat or through their toll free number.

Instant Professional Support:

Usually a user has to wait for at least 24 hours to get the initial response from the service provider. But if you need solution faster, you can contact us. We are offering instant and reliable support to the people who are having any sort of problem with their email services. We have a dedicated team of certified engineers who have all the required knowledge. We are offering comprehensive solutions to our clients so that they may not have to suffer anymore. Some of our services are:

  • Dedicated team of professionals available 24×7
  • Instant response
  • Comprehensive solution to all email services problems
  • Password recovery solution
  • Solution to all performance and speed problems
  • Setting up third party clients
  • Eliminating problems with third party client
  • If you are looking for an instant solution to your unwanted problems, you can contact us through email or live chat. We can also be contacted through customer support phone number for prompt solutions.